Robin Bank Motorcycles.

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We are IMI Qualified Technicians and provide a great service at great prices. We are passionate about motorcycles and will look after your bike. We are fully insured and security is high at our premises so your bike is safe left over night.

We charge £30 an hour labour, will carry out the work as quickly as possible, however please allow time for the parts to come in, we can provide a collection and delivery service at extra cost if you require it. If dropping the bike off ensure you have an alternative way home unless we can do the job on the day.

Please Call in advance to book before coming down to be sure we are available to do the job when you want.

Before carrying out work we will let you know to confirm it before we carry out the work, we will also inspect the bike before we carry out work to see if anything else needs repairing to ensure your safe.

  • Servicing

6000 mile or 12 month service: Prices from £50, includes replacing oil & oil filter, check and lubricate chain & sprockets, oil pivot points, Check/Adjust tyre pressures & Full Safety Check with printout!

12,000 miles or 2 year service: Check/replace spark plugs, check/replace air filter, Replace Oil & Oil Filter, Replace coolant, Lubricate all pivot points, Lubricate chain, check/adjust tyre pressures & Full Safety Check with printout!

24.000 miles or 4 year service: Replace spark plugs, renew brake hoses & brake fluid, renew fuel hoses & all that includes minor service.

  • Minor Repairs – £30 an hour labour + parts.
  • Winter Decommissioning – From £30 (excluding collection & delivery) includes: wash & wax motorcycle, coat of protectant spray on metal parts, oil each cylinder, de-grease & Relubricate chain, pump tyres, remove battery & clean & Lubricate leads & terminals, drain petrol out carburettors & give you pointers on how to store bike through winter.
  • Summer Commissioning – Prices from £30 (excluding collection & delivery) unless parts need replacing/fixing.

So call Tim on 07593972375 and book your bike in!

Here is a picture of one of the first jobs in, as you can see the bike is well looked after and all fairings/panels are up on the top shelf (which is padded) so there is no chance of your bike being scratched or damaged, we take excellent care in our customers bikes and carry out work Quickly & Efficiently.


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